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Equal access to funding.
For everyone. Everywhere.

Every great startup deserves a boost.
Get the money you need to take your business to the next level now.

24-page report included

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Boost Fund 1 is now fully allocated!

Capital Pilot's CEO and Founder Richard Blakesley talks about breaking records and the exciting next phase for the Boost Fund

From sign up to funding in just 4 steps

How it works
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Who can apply?

Any startup in the UK can apply! Simply complete the Capital Pilot Investability Rating and Assessment process to be automatically considered for Boost funding. 

There is a fee of £150 +VAT for the assessment and rating.

What if I'm not successful?

Even if you are unsuccessful in your application for Boost Fund, all is not lost!  Use the 24-page report included with your Investability rating to improve. You'll receive invaluable feedback and a free investor matching report alongside your rating.


The Boost Fund is unique — we welcome repeat applications from companies that address the issues raised in their Investability rating report who wish to try again.


A £50,000 investment in your big idea is a big deal

About the Boost Fund

The Boost Fund is a fast, data-driven investment vehicle that backs startups with real potential.


Funded by high net worth angel investors, we will make fixed £50,000 investments in 100 startups in just 6 months - high speed and high volume to help as many early-stage companies as we can.

Applying for boost funding is quick and easy. Apply for an Investability Rating, and if your rating is high enough you qualify automatically for funding*. That's it.

* Subject to satisfactory online due diligence checks. 

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Investor matching
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Boost Funding to help UK startups and scaleups

Who can apply?

The Boost Fund is a unique investment opportunity for founders who don't have fundraising experience or a ready-built network of potential investors.


Capital Pilot is committed to helping underrepresented founders and regions of the UK, so we’re here to help you grow your business.

Any UK-based high-growth startup or scaleup can apply for a £50,000 investment from the Boost Fund—from any sector or region and with any business model. 

Automatic qualfication
timothy mullock.jpeg

"We found the comments that you gave very insightful and it did highlight areas where we needed to give more time and more research and that's what we've actually been doing with the hope of improving the score.

We've taken advice before we brought our information in to Capital Pilot and we know that it can have a bearing on the investment that can come from investment angels. 

I was expecting [the assessment] to be a generic document ... the fact that it seemed to be a very personalised breakdown, I was surprised how fast you were able to turn it around, which was impressive."

Timothy Mullock


Olly Rodriguez-Ballinger.jpeg

"The Capital Pilot experience was great, it was good to go through the analysis, the process was relatively straightforward. The documents you requested were not too much, it felt about right. The quality of the report is great and the personal feedback that you get is really insightful. I would recommend it to other founders.

You're more interested in the personal feedback, in terms of the stuff that's actually relevant to the business. So the 3 quotes at the start of the report and the bespoke information that you get every other page across the 4 sections; I think it's really valuable."

Olly Rodriguez-Ballinger


hatty fawcett.jpeg

"Once somebody understands what their investment opportunity is, and where its strengths and weaknesses are; the second thing they often want, is access to investors.


I give them access to investors in a range of ways, but one of the things that has proved quite helpful, is your investor matching; because it's tailored to the individual business by stage, by sector, etc; and it's giving them the investor information that's appropriate to them and that's important because as a founder when you're raising investment, you don't have time to speak to every single investor.


You want to focus your attention on the investors who are most likely to invest in your business because it meets their preferences."

Hatty Fawcett

Focused for Business

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Unbiased & neutral: The way feedback should be


Your Capital Pilot Investability rating tells you everything you need to know to improve your fundraising potential.

Every Boost we give will go to startups and scale-ups who have completed our Investability rating and & assessment process.


Not only can you qualify for Boost funding through the rating process, but you'll also discover how your business stacks up against 4 critical areas for startup success. 

Your report showcases your startup's strengths and weaknesses and provides actionable and in-depth feedback to help you improve any weak spots in your business proposition.

capital pilot rating

Interested but not ready to apply now? 

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More information is on the way!

24-page report included

Investor matching

Resources & feedback

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