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 £5M Boost Fund continues to invest in high-growth potential startup businesses

Boost Fund 1 is the UK’s first automated high-volume investment fund 

Our Investments

Boost Fund will be the leading UK startup investment fund by volume with plans to complete 100 investments in less than six months. The fund's investments are selected using Capital Pilot’s Investability Rating System, and reflect our vision to drive greater diversity in fundraising, through equal access to capital for everyone. Everywhere.


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Cohort 1

"As a female founder from the BAME community, I’ve felt like an outsider in the world of investment and funding as the people I’ve come across are from a more traditional background.


Boost Fund 1 allowed us (quick) access to investment based on the traction we have worked so hard to build within the business, rather than my background."

Anshu Ahuja
Founder, DabbaDrop

How to apply for boost funding

Every great startup deserves a boost. Get the money you need to take your business to the next level now from Boost Fund. Simply apply for a Capital Pilot Investability Rating, and your startup will be automatically considered for a Boost. Any startup in the UK can apply.


If you are unsuccessful in your application for Boost Fund, all is not lost! Use the report and feedback included with your Investability rating to change your rating. The Boost Fund is unique, welcoming repeat applications from companies as their ratings improve.

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