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3 UK Lifestyle Startups Receive Funding from The Boost Fund

The Boost Fund has invested in three successful applicants who provide smart lifestyle solutions to consumer pain points while contributing to a greener economy.

Sküma Water is a compact countertop water system with a twist. The system purifies tap water to the highest level and adds specific nutrients based on user requirements. "Sküma is the

tastiest and healthiest way to stay hydrated", says co-founder Alexandre Mahe.

Sküma aims to eliminate single-use plastic, and low-quality water filters using a proprietary reverse osmosis membrane which removes 99% of all contaminates and only needs changing once a year. With no installation required, the compact Sküma system can dispense hot or cold water at the touch of a button.

Sküma founders Alexandre Mahe, Georges Khairallah & Tony H have found the Boost Fund investment very helpful. “The investment allows us to continue focusing on our business while being backed by respected investment partners, which increases our representation in the UK's start-up scene", says Alexandre Mahe.

Whether you're buying a gift for a loved one, a staff member, or a corporate client, needi helps you find the perfect gift using cutting-edge AI technology. By asking clients to supply a bit of info about the recipient, needi uses its unique gift matching technology to send clients a selection of bespoke gift ideas sustainably sourced from the UK's best independent businesses. Thoughtful, bespoke gifts reduce waste from the gifting economy by ensuring gifts do not end up in landfills.

Louise Doyle, needi CEO, has found that the Boost Fund investment adds more than just a cash injection, saying, "It gives you the direction, learning and confidence required to take your company to the next level. People in the investment industry who I've spoken to are impressed by the Capital Pilot's expertise and tick of approval".

Violet-Ultra CEO Ryan Ovens praises the Capital Pilot rating system, saying that the process was "efficient and held incredibly useful feedback, not to mention strong validation for what we have been working so hard on".

Violet-Ultra produces a premium wall-mounted touch panel that replaces a standard light switch and provides convenient smart home control of lighting, audio, and climate systems in one device. The company's paid software add-ons offer consumers outstanding value and a reliable user experience, while working out of the box with many popular smart home brands. In addition, Violet-Ultra provides remote programmable control over smart home functions at the touch of a button while simultaneously saving energy and money.

Says Ryan, "Qualifying for Boost Funding is just that; it is a boost to our round in terms of cash but also as a strong signal to other investors that this is a good opportunity".


Apply for the Boost Fund

Applying for boost funding is quick and easy. First, apply for an Investability Rating via The Capital Pilot Rating and Assessment tool. If your rating is high enough, you qualify automatically for funding, subject to due diligence checks.

Even if your application is unsuccessful, the rating report adds value by combining human insight and clever tech to produce an in-depth analysis of investability that helps founders enhance their investor proposition and guides them towards improved fundraising outcomes.

Any start-up in the UK can apply and will automatically be considered for investment.


For media enquiries, please contact Tom Sutton, 14:46 Consultants.

For further information on Capital Pilot and Boost Fund 1, please contact Richard Blakesley, Capital Pilot.

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