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3 UK Travel and Entertainment Start-ups Receive Funding from The Boost Fund

Boost Fund is the UK’s first automated high-volume investment fund aimed at high-growth potential start-up businesses. Powered by Capital Pilot and funded by high-net-worth angel investors, the Fund makes fixed £50,000 investments in qualifying start-ups to help early-stage companies succeed.

The Boost Fund has invested in three successful applicants who provide smart travel and entertainment services that benefit industry professionals and consumers.

Swygge creates premium bottled cocktails to elevate the social and celebratory experiences of friends, family and strangers. Swygge makes all its products with natural, fresh, and vegan-friendly ingredients, craft spirits, and proprietary artisanal cordials and liqueurs. With 21 years of experience working with global liquor brands, co-founder Rewfus Brode is passionate about customer service and the potential for Swygge to make a meaningful contribution to the social occasions of its clients. Brode says, “During the initial phase of raising, you are very much against the clock and having that boost of quick cash really does help. It provided us with credibility and the opportunity to kickstart our business”.

With a passion for getting to the heart of the customer, Not in The Guidebooks aims to deliver authentic, sustainable, and immersive travel experiences to destinations worldwide. The company helps travel agents and travellers diverge from the beaten track and find engaging, immersive local experiences that support local communities and deliver more than the standard tourist experience. Founded by Carol Savage, who has extensive online start-up experience, including MyDish, which won backing from Deborah Meaden on BBC’s Dragons Den, NITGB specializes in private modular experiences, which benefit their local partners. “Boost funding is a way to help us continue to grow and thrive while we are raising funds as well as introducing us to a new network of investors who may be interested in supporting us on our journey,” says Carol. Referring to the Capital Pilot Ratings and Assessment tool, Carol continues,” Founders should get their company rated so that someone objective can look at what you are communicating and help you make it as strong as it possibly can be”.

Hotel Manager, the brainchild of Ajwad Ashim, Gokulan Kannan and Agni Ilango, is an application that delivers modern software infrastructure for hotels. The app is a one-stop-shop for hoteliers and offers a custom-branded single platform solution to manage every aspect of running a hotel and managing guest communication and requirements. The app revolutionizes the hotel industry by delivering digital-first, customized experiences at lightning speed that delight and surprise guests while increasing revenue streams and reducing legacy operational costs. CEO Ajwad Ashim was surprised by how easy it was to apply for the Boost Fund using the Capital Pilot ratings and Assessment tool. “I was surprised at the level of useful insight and personalization provided in the report and highly recommend it for any start-up in the early stage of development.” Ajwad continues, “It provides an independent evaluation of your current business plan and helps identify blind spots in the current strategy. The rating also provides a good benchmark for how your start-up is viewed compared to other start-ups at a similar stage and therefore prepares you for investor applications.”


Apply for the Boost Fund

Applying for boost funding is quick and easy. First, apply for an Investability Rating via The Capital Pilot Rating and Assessment tool. If your rating is high enough, you qualify automatically for funding, subject to due diligence checks.

Even if your application is unsuccessful, the rating report adds value by combining human insight and clever tech to produce an in-depth analysis of investability that helps founders enhance their investor proposition and guides them towards improved fundraising outcomes.

Any start-up in the UK can apply and will automatically be considered for investment.


For media enquiries, please contact Tom Sutton, 14:46 Consultants.

For further information on Capital Pilot and Boost Fund 1, please contact Richard Blakesley, Capital Pilot.

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