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5 UK Startups That Help You Work Smarter Receive Funding from The Boost Fund

Boost Fund is the UK's first automated high-volume investment fund aimed at high-growth potential start-up businesses. Powered by Capital Pilot and funded by high-net-worth angel investors, the Fund makes fixed £50,000 investments in qualifying start-ups to help early-stage companies succeed.

The Boost Fund has invested in five successful start-ups that provide SaaS that help you work smarter and reduce the burden of admin for SMMEs.

Auxeris is a tech-enabled freelance recruiter network matching the best freelance recruiters

to large-scale clients whilst automating critical parts of recruitment administration. Auxeris gives freelance recruiters the freedom and autonomy of independence with the infrastructure, and legal and financial security of a large recruitment agency while still allowing the recruiter to earn the lion's share of the commission.

"The Capital Pilot Rating is the investor equivalent of The Mom Test and allows for a completely unbiased and objective view of one's business", says founder Louisa Plint. "In its most basic form, it provides a range of questions and feedback that a founder may not have considered that can considerably improve their business and investment offering."

Introu, by contrast, is a talent marketplace for enterprise companies. Introu connects its network of vetted freelancers to existing internal systems to facilitate the outsourcing process's management, hiring and payments. In addition, the company is unique in that it takes no commission and even pays its freelancers bonuses.

"A high score allows founders to feel more confident about their product and present this to investors to start any initial conversations", says Co-founder and Joint-CEO James Keisner, adding that he would recommend the Capital Pilot rating and Assessment Process to new founders. "The feedback from the Capital Pilot team regarding the deck and financial model also help new founders organise their pitch material".

"This feedback is gold. Straight from an investor's perspective, but factual and unbiased. And you can feel they want you to win"!

Moving from the corporate sector into the health and wellness field, Isosconnect is a platform for health and wellbeing practitioners to safely operate their private practice with an integrated suite of back-office tools. As a result, practitioners can collaborate across disciplines to offer holistic services to clients and be connected directly to potential clients needing advice and guidance on health and wellbeing.

Founder Kim Page was excited by how receiving a data-driven funding decision validates the company's approach and achievements. "This feedback is gold. Straight from an investor's perspective, but factual and unbiased. And you can feel they want you to win"!

While networking and recruitment are essential aspects of any SME business, managing payments and finances can be a bit of a headache. Paysme's mission is to assist underserved small business communities in accelerating their transition to the growing digital economy to unlock their full potential. Paysme solves multiple common pain points from a single platform, including mobile payments, digital banking, e-commerce, insurance, accounting and lending. The app enables SMEs to benefit from economies of scale, fintech innovation and access to finance. The funding from The Boost fund "has enabled Paysme to invest more capital into a specific project to generate additional revenue", says founder Derek Stewart.

While influencer marketing has been around for a while, our final start-up, WYSPR, turns the traditional influencer marketing industry on its head by turning consumers into micro-influencers WYSPR uses the influence of the regular social media user to promote products and services and collect data; called Friendvertising™ WYSPR's first-of-a-kind SaaS marketplace allows brands and agencies to create both Friendfluencing and Influencer campaigns in one easy-to-use platform to drive brand awareness, create user-generated content, and gather market research.

Founder, Eliot Wood, says that using Capital Pilot's Rating and Assessment tool to get WYSPR rated gives other investors the confidence the company is worth doing their due diligence on and, hopefully, investing "The Boost Fund means that we can spend more time focusing on doing what we do best, growing our userbase and revenues".


Apply for the Boost Fund

Applying for boost funding is quick and easy. First, apply for an Investability Rating via The Capital Pilot Rating and Assessment tool. If your rating is high enough, you qualify automatically for funding, subject to due diligence checks.

Even if your application is unsuccessful, the rating report adds value by combining human insight and clever tech to produce an in-depth analysis of investability that helps founders enhance their investor proposition and guides them towards improved fundraising outcomes.

Any start-up in the UK can apply and will automatically be considered for investment.


For media enquiries, please contact Tom Sutton, 14:46 Consultants.

For further information on Capital Pilot and Boost Fund 1, please contact Richard Blakesley, Capital Pilot.

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