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Boost Fund confirms first five UK startup investments

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Boost Fund 1 — the UK’s first automated high-volume equity fund aimed at high-growth potential startup businesses — announces its first five investments.

The £5m Boost Fund will be the leading UK startup investment fund by volume with plans to complete 100 investments in less than six months. The fund's investments are selected using Capital Pilot’s Investability Rating System, reflecting the firm’s vision to drive greater diversity in fundraising, through equal access to capital for everyone. Everywhere.

For media enquiries, please contact Tom Sutton, 14:46 Consulting.

29 June 2022: Following the recent launch of £5m Boost Fund 1, the fund is delighted to announce the first five startup businesses backed by the fund on the basis of Capital Pilot's Investability Assessment Report.

Boost Fund 1 is the UK’s first automated high-volume investment fund targeting UK-based startups. Its approach brings efficiency and transparency to the fundraising process for founders and also helps investors build truly diversified portfolios of entrepreneurial businesses.

With plans to complete 100 equity investments in less than 6 months, Boost Fund 1 will be the leading UK startup investment fund by volume and is set to back a diverse range of ambitious UK-based startup businesses through its innovative, alternative investment approach.

Using Capital Pilot’s pioneering data-driven Investability Rating System, the sector-agnostic fund has developed a unique automated selection and online completion process. The Fund automatically selects companies which have achieved its target Investability Rating, subject to confirmatory due diligence. It aims to provide a final investment decision in approximately two weeks from application.

The Fund was launched to provide access to capital for businesses which have traditionally been underrepresented within the UK startup scene. True to its investment vision, the fund’s first five investments feature two female founders, one founder from a BAME background and two businesses based outside London.

Apply for Boost Funding

Every great startup deserves a boost. Get the money you need to take your business to the next level now from Boost Fund. Simply apply for a Capital Pilot Investability Rating, and your startup will be automatically considered for a Boost. Any startup in the UK can apply.

If you are unsuccessful in your application for Boost Fund, all is not lost! Use the report and feedback included with your Investability rating to change your rating. The Boost Fund is unique, welcoming repeat applications from companies as their ratings improve.


For media enquiries, please contact Tom Sutton, 14:46 Consulting. For further information on Capital Pilot, please contact Richard Blakesley, Capital Pilot.


Capital Pilot is the Investability rating agency for startups and scaleups. It combines human insight, proven analytics and sophisticated algorithms to produce comprehensive assessments of the attractiveness of a startup or scaleup to potential investors. Its proprietary rating system combines data analytics with human assessments of a company’s business model and team, to provide objective insights into fundraising and scaling potential. Capital Pilot’s aim is to help founders identify and fix flaws in their investor proposition early, to maximise their chances of funding success. Capital Pilot is a trading name of Capnova Limited which is registered in England with company number 12177695, to provide non-regulated services.

The Boost Fund is a fast, data-driven investment vehicle that backs startups with real potential. It is not open to outside investors. Funded by high-net-worth investors, it will make fixed £50,000 investments in 100 startups in just 6 months. Applications for the Boost Fund are through the Capital Pilot Investability Rating. If a startup’s rating is high enough, it qualifies automatically for funding subject to satisfactory online due diligence checks. Boost Fund 1 L.P. is an unregulated Non-Mainstream Pooled Investment (NMPI) which is registered in Jersey with registration number RN154575. Capital Pilot Advisory, a trading name of Sturgeon Ventures LLP (FRN: 452811), which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, is the Investment Adviser to the Fund.

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